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A girl wearing a cap during an awareness exercises.


Know about CSI Liberia 

There are many myths out there about sex that confuse teenagers.   Read More...

If you have decided that you are not ready for sex, that’s okay. You don’t have to explain why, but you can give a reason if you want. Here are some ways you can say "NO" to a boy friend who is pressuring you to have sex:    Click for more..

Empowering war affected girls, boys and families... Read more


How to use condom

If you decided to have sex, but don’t know how to use a condom, it’s time to learn.  
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Here is how you can say NO to SEX... Click here

What has changed as a result of our work? Get full result here








  STIs & YOU!

   There are many STDs out there here’s how to recognize the symptoms of a few of them:
   Gonorrhea: burning urination; pus like discharge from vagina/penis; pelvic pain;
   tenderness of the vulva.

   Herpes: rash of red patches with blister-like sores on sex organs; discomfort/itching
   around the infected area; swollen glands in groin; fever.
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